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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do I Dare? Bloomsday Shirts!

The rules!

There is no prize!
This is just for fun!
No class action law suits!
If you participate you are agreeing to no prize what so ever!
If you participate you can boast about being correct and that is it!

So if you are a family member do you understand? These rules are to clear things up for my family that tried to weasel a prize out of me for guessing correctly last year!

So leave a comment and tell me what color you think the shirts will be! You have to post the comment before the race starts to be correct! NO PRIZES!

Love, Jackie

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lathrops April 27th

I could hardly wait to turn the corner into the driveway!!! It took me about an hour to make the trip from school to the Lathrop's house. I was going to visit Layne, Lucy, Kristin and Justin. I already knew Layne was saving bath time for me so I could help! I was looking forward to that and holding little Lucy! Seemed like forever but I made it just as Layne was waking up from her nap!!! Look at these precious gifts from God! Little Lucy is in the eye crossing stage!!! Almost looks like she is smiling here!
Of course there is the crying stage too! Not sure if that is a stage or just part of life! Different things make us cry as we get older.
Layne's sunglasses are being modeled by Kristin. She looks like a happy mom doesn't she?
And here is a happy grandma! Layne is now modeling the sunglasses!
After bath time it was dinner time. I brought up some lasagna to throw in the oven. Do you think it was homemade??? NOPE! Costco! Look at Layne's beautiful curls!
This frog is one of Layne's treasures. Before she had a bath froggy had a bath in a bowl from the kitchen! Justin then dried him off with the blow dryer! Cute!
I tell you it is so wonderful to have the precious grandchildren I have! They are just pure joy and I am so glad that they are here! Mike and I love them all!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look Who Jackie Hangs Out with on Sat. Mornings!

All these bikers are assembling to help kids! Motorcycle groups from all over the area got together this morning at 7:00 AM! It was cold that is all I have to say about the weather! I am pretty sure we will get some warm weather eventually! It turned out to be a nice day but the morning was BBBRRRR! Teri had coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts to warm people up. At about 7:30 after a group prayer all the bikers took off for Joe Albi Stadium about a mile from our rendezvous spot. It was pretty awesome to see this giant line of motorcyclists rolling into the stadium to help with the America's Kids Run! The bikers lined to course to encourage the kids and make sure they stayed safe.

Gotta love the donuts!!!!

This is part of the group that I hang out with. The Inland Empire Victory Riders Chapter of the CMA! We have arrived at the run! We are missing Mike Gleason because he was helping collect money for the Guild School at his work! They had a big garage sale and more!This world is a good place! All these people making a difference for kids. Makes me smile!!! God is good!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Success with the Ice Cream Truck and More Lucy

If you read my blog you will remember that about a week ago Layne was over at our house. She lives in the country and there are no ice cream trucks there. We heard one in our neighborhood and explained to her what an ice cream truck was and then we waited and waited and waited. The truck never came down our street and I posted pictures of her waiting for the truck. She tried to convince grandpa that he should get in the car and search for it. Well, on Tuesday night I heard Mike shout, "Do you hear that?" I did! It was the truck again but this time it was on our street. I ran out and stopped it and Mike was behind me with his wallet. Layne and I were both eating ice cream in the house that she had picked out at the store. We ditched that ice cream!!! Layne took grandpa's money (good move Layne) and picked out her treat! We captured it on camera! Isn't it fun being grandparents!
And of course there are a couple of new pictures of sweet Lucy! She had to visit the doctor a couple of times because of jaundice. She is doing better daily. Kristin told Keri that her days and nights are mixed up. Not fun!

Two precious little girls. I am so excited for the two precious little boys to get here in May! The cousins will get to meet each other! I have already put in an order for a picture of them together. Too bad Finn can't join us too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucy Jean Lathrop 4/20

Surprise! More pictures of Lucy Lathrop!
Lucy and Uncle Jason
With Dad!

Kristin said Lucy has been sleeping away today! I guess being born is tiring! Everyone is doing great. Layne came by today and said, "Where is my baby!"

It's a Girl!!! Lucy Jean Lathrop!

We are so blessed. Baby Girl Lathrop was born around 10:45 tonight and she is perfect. Kristin is doing great too. I can't even describe how happy I am! God is good. I got to the hospital around 6 PM. Kristin was in her room waiting for the medication! :-) Within about 90 minutes she was dilated to 8!!! Then no progress! The waiting room was crowded with cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents waiting to welcome this little one into the world. Justin finally sent a text saying it was time. I went down to the room and waited outside. Then Steve came down and then the rest of the gang. We heard the baby's first cry. What a wonderful sound! A miracle. It seemed like forever until Justin came out and made the announcement! It's a girl! They haven't decided on her name yet. Layne was with her Grandma Julie and Grandpa Jeff. She will meet her baby sister in the morning! Little Miss Lathrop weighs 8 pounds, 11 ounces and is 21 inches long! Answered prayers! A healthy baby and mom! Thank you God!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Evening With Ralph and Susie

Ralph Juarez is the Christian Motorcyclists Association's State Coordinator. It is CMA Sunday at a church in Mead tomorrow. Tonight we had a potluck dinner at Sharon's house and visited with Ralph and his wife Susie! It was a good time. Lot's of laughter and sharing motorcycle stories. There were even a few stories that were hard to believe. Nugget the talking dog??? HMMMM! Tomorrow our chapter of the CMA along with other local chapters are invading the church in Mead with motorcycles and CMA members. Ralph will be speaking. I have never gone to one of these CMA Sundays! I am sure it will be great fun!

Ralph and Susie

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vote for Keri Doolittle Photograhpy

Keri Doolittle Photography

Keri is entering a contest for the best photographer in Spokane. She books weddings in Spokane in the summertime. If you haven't seen her work then click on the link above!! To vote for Keri click the link below! Thanks my friends!

Vote for Keri

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Eggs

This is the face of a 3 year old excited to color Easter eggs. Coloring Easter eggs together is becoming a tradition for Layne and me. This is the first year that the eggs didn't end up all cracked. No throwing or plopping the eggs in the dye! Doesn't matter anyway because it is just so fun to spend time with Layne even if the eggs are cracked! :-)
See! She is being very, very, careful!

Here we have a little posing for the camera!

Listen to Layne explain what we are doing!

Of course Rocky (the dog) has to check things out. There might be some food for him to beg for. I tell Mike all the time that Rocky has an eating disorder. If a person tried to beg for food like Rocky does we would say they have an eating disorder. Mike doesn't buy it but I think it is possible! Look at him!
After the egg coloring there was snack time and there is Rocky again trying to get some graham crackers. He won't take the one on the table unless someone tells him it is OK! He might have an eating disorder but at least he has some manners.

Layne lives in the county and there are no ice cream trucks. We heard the familiar tune coming from the truck and told her what it was! I ran and got my wallet and Kristin, Layne and I waited! And waited! And waited. We finally saw the truck. This was big stuff for Layne! It turned away from our house and didn't come down our street. I couldn't believe it! These pictures are the expressions of a 3 year old waiting to buy ice cream for the first time from an ice cream truck! Next time!

Kristin went to the doctor while we colored eggs. Baby Lathrop is ready to arrive any time! We are all on baby watch!

Some grandpa time is always good after egg coloring!

I am looking forward to next year! I am going to look for a more creative coloring kit next year. At school the kids were telling me all about different kinds. Time for the gma to branch out! Precious times and I really thank God for all the blessings He has given me! Especially His Son Jesus at this Easter time!