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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting The Miles In!

I signed up for this silly IronMay Challenge. (Sheila did too) You have to complete an Ironman Triathlon in a month. I have gotten a bit behind on the bike miles. I had to do 112 in month of May and I had about 40 before this ride. Sheila, Mariane, and I rode along the Centennial Trail from Spokane into Idaho. This was our starting spot!

What a beautiful ride along the Spokane River. Most of the way we really appreciated the water and the river. Read on to find out about the water we didn't appreciate but it gave us a good laugh and a little adventure.
Nice isn't it!
Mariane brought some snacks. Good idea. We decided we needed to invite Mariane every time we go biking. We loved her treats and she was a good sharer. Sheila and I have never thought to bring yummy treats. HMMM!
So this is the part where the water was not appreciated. We were close to the state line and cruising along on the trail. Sheila was in the lead. There was a sign that said something about the road being open. Didn't really read it completely. There was construction going on in the area and I thought it had to do with that. We slowed a bit to see what was happening. Sheila was going ahead just fine so we though it was full steam ahead. Then we saw part of Sheila's bike disappear into water. I think I stated that Sheila was crazy at that moment. Then we saw the water splashing up and getting her all wet. Did I mention crazy? Well, Mariane and I thought if she did it we will do it. And we did. We both tried to raise our feet up so they wouldn't get wet but it didn't work. The water was too deep. It was deep enough that we could not see the path under the water. 6 to 8 inches we thought. Of course I had to stop and get a picture once we got through the water. These pictures are what make blogging so fun. Mariane volunteered to go back and get in the water for the picture. The word crazy comes to mind again. I was happy she was willing to pose! Thanks Mariane! She is just coming out of the water here.

We laughed about the whole event! We re-hashed it over and over. Fun. Our feet were soaked. Look closely and you can see the water dripping out of the sock. It was fruitless to ring them out because our shoes were so wet.

Sheila thought a snack was appropriate at this time! We sort of thought she would take the wrapper off first though.
We thought that perhaps we would get credit for swimming and biking on the IronMay Challenge after going through that water. I think that is fair! We went several more miles after the water event. I fell AGAIN on my bike. Got the chain marks to prove it. It was a slow fall but it knocked my wheel out of shape and I rode back with a crooked wheel and a brake rubbing.
Here we are documenting more injuries. Horrible aren't they! This biking is a tough sport. :-)

After it was all said and done we rode about 32 miles. That helped cut a good chunk off our required miles. We laughed a lot and that was the best part. We did go get coffee afterwards but I left the camera in the car. Trust me we got our traditional cup of coffee! Can't wait to ride again.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilac Century Bike Ride Alternate Route

So today was the Lilac Century Ride. I had to persuade Sheila to do the 15 mile ride instead of the 50 mile ride. Silly girl, it is the beginning of the cycling season. What were you thinking Sheila. I knew I wasn't ready for 50 miles. Green t-shirts. I don't like green t-shirts. At least this color green. Like the design though. It was supposed to rain today. Look at the blue skies. Wonderful weather for a ride. Oh and take a look at Sheila's new jacket. She wasn't so sure it was a good purchase until it got hot and she could zip the sleeves off. Good purchase. She is a little concerned she won't be able to figure out how to get the sleeves back on. She will figure it out! :-)
I look moderately excited????
This is Sheila's. I told her that just because she had this tag that said she was an adult doesn't mean she is an adult. I will be getting my tag in the mail. Gotta keep up with the Sheilas.
We ran into the fearless leader of Michael Anderson Elementary School. Mandi did a half marathon yesterday and took the 25 mile route for this ride. She ran afterwards too.
Good poses always get on the blog.
Ready, set, go! A water bottle was shot into the air to signify it was time to start. Interesting!
We cycle to the turn around spot (about 7 miles into the ride) and decide we don't want to ride back the same way we came. SOOOO we took analternate route! Not cheating girls just an alternate route. It was the same route that Spokefest follows. I remembered it as pretty flat. I was not correct. I made it up all the hills but the last one by the college. No legs left. Sheila made it up them all! Stud!

Why or why is Jackie taking a picture of her bike on the ground??? I fell over and that is where the bike landed. I was almost stopped. We have to document everything you know. Clipped out of my left foot first. Mistake. Because of my knee I have to clip my right foot first. It is harder to twist it to get the right shoe out so I do the right foot first. Not this time. Left foot out and right foot was not out equals small fall. It was slow motion!
Of course the minor injury has to be documented.
And the greasy chain marks from the fall. I am glad it was only Sheila there but I am pretty sure she laughed.
Where are we? Where do we go? We just got finished with Downriver Dr. and Pettet Dr. is Doomsday hill. The hill we all talk about around Bloomsday time. Luckily we did not have to ride up Doomsday!

We finally made it! Surprise! Surprise! Baked potatoes at the end of the ride. Yum! We are ready to dig in!

Notice the clouds in this picture. Ugly dark clouds. Rain came but it was after we were done. The people riding longer distances got caught in the rain. See Sheila 15 miles was perfect.
Last stop Starbucks for our coffee!
Great fun! Gotta practice hills though. We want to do the 50 mile ride next year. There it is. It is official now and we are committed because it is on the blog!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Completed My 30th Bloomsday in 2011

Spring in Spokane can only mean one thing. Bloomsday is here! The first Sunday of May over 50,000 people run, walk, or skip Bloomsday. People everywhere but it never feels crowded, just fun! This year was my 30th Bloomsday. I have missed only 5 of them.
My skinny sister Patti. Patti has lost 90 pounds since last Bloomsday. So proud of her. We both really missed our sister DD! Wish she could have been with us again this year.
Don't even ask!

The helicopter is always around to start the race with a huge bang!
The elite runners take off and the pack waits for their wave to get started.
While we wait beach balls are tossed around. One ended up in a tree!
The sweatshirt tradition. As the morning warms up people shed their sweatshirts. They get thrown up in the trees and are collected later and donated. Someone will get great use out of them.

Pretty Patti!
Waving the American flag!
These sweatshirts never made it into the trees. Perhaps their owners could toss them that high!
The start line. We are getting close! Once we step across that start line our time starts. It is so crowded it is hard to get around even after crossing the line.
This is a new one. Men in drag hovering around the priests at the church we always pass! They drew a lot of attention.
All types of people do Bloomsday. This little lady walked the 7.46 with her cane. Impressive! I guess none of us has an excuse not to exercise!
Here are a bunch of Bloomsday shirts all lined up. I should get mine out and at least look at them once in a while!
Two miles down and 5+ to go!
People as far as you can see!
3+ miles down and Doomsday Hill right around the corner!
Doomsday hill is far in the distance in this picture. Almost 1 mile uphill.
I think it is easier to see the people climbing the hill in this picture.
Doomsday Hill!

A little inspiration from a band member before the climb!
Starting up the hill with a few other people. We all made it!
The vulture greets us again at the top of Doomsday Hill. Survival of the fittest! Will the vulture get you?
1.46 miles to go! We conquered the hill and we are on the home stretch!
The Court House. Beautiful building!
Some silly finishers walk back to meet friends.
We turn the corner and see the finish! We did it again! Number 30 completed for me and number 2 for my sister. We aren't the only one loving the site of that finish line. There are a couple of other people completing the race!

The 1st Presbyterian Band was the band at the end of the course. My church!
Lederhosen? Not sure I spelled that right. I like to take pictures of the firsts! This is one of them.
Tada! Completed and home. I actually guessed that the shirts would be yellow this year. I had my own little contest family! No prizes just the satisfaction of being right! :-)
Can't wait for next year. Both sisters will be here again God willing. Anyone want to join us?