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Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween in Phoenix-Super Heroes

Well, it must have been a dress rehearsal in Phoenix! Here are the grandsons ready for Halloween. Thanks for the pictures Keri! I just want to squeeze them!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sleep Over!

There isn't anything better than the grand kids to keep you smiling!!! I got to hear from Ryland a couple times this weekend. He had his first soccer game on Saturday and he called and told me he kicked the ball really hard and scored a goal! He also called to tell me that he saw a dormant volcano. Really! That is what he said. He just turned three this month! He knew that a dormant volcano was a sleeping volcano. Smart! His sweet little voice is so awesome to hear on the phone. Another treat was Layne spending the night on Friday night. Special times.
We got home about 7 PM and watched Nemo. Then it was time to head for bed. Teeth brushing is a big deal to little ones. The whole bedtime routine is pretty special. Snuggling in your jammies, brushing your teeth, reading books (we read about Moses), that last drink of water...
And showing off your pearly whites!
Last but not least crawling into bed with your blankie! Sometimes I wish I still had one! :)
Then nodding off to sleep. Is there anything in the world that looks more peaceful than a little one asleep!
Then Saturday! Layne woke up to Grandpa's blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs. She loved the pancakes and said her dad still makes the best eggs ever! After breakfast I had promised some pumpkin carving!
Layne jumped right in and helped with cleaning out the guts of the pumpkin!The guts of the pumpkin soon became more interesting than the pumpkin itself. While I did the carving Layne added some water to the insides of the pumpkin and started stirring "icky"soup. She stirred and stirred. We both took pretend tastes of her creation.
Then grandpa came along...
There was no pretending for grandpa. He really took several bites of "icky" soup! Layne and I couldn't even imagine. What a great grandpa!

After the "icky" soup was finished we met Kristin, Justin and Lucy at the soccer field. Layne had a game! Can't resist taking pictures of Lucy! She is such a happy girl!

Layne missed her sister!

Mike and I loved the time with Layne! Mike mentioned that he wished all the grand kids were close by! Me too! Who knows what the future holds but we love them all! Who knew being grandparents would be the coolest thing ever!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall and Soccer

Layne's playing soccer. Can you believe it??? I can't. It was just a minute ago that I was standing out in the cool fall weather watching my girls. Time goes by so fast and I just want to be present and enjoy each and every moment as it passes. I enjoyed this for sure. Lucy and Kristin were all bundled up. It was a cold afternoon!
Even the soccer players were sporting their warm gear!
The players started with some fun warm up games. Dribble the ball and then sit on it when the coach said to stop. It just made me smile seeing all these little ones learning to play together.

Lucy was adorable in her winter get up!
Still warming up. Actually the kids practice skills for a half and hour and then they play a game for a half an hour.

Trying to aim the ball and knock over the cones!

Lookin' good Layneee Lou!

The coach challenged Layne to a little keep away!
Lucy had the right idea. A little nap in her nice warm stroller!
Waiting for the game to start!
Here we go!
This was too adorable!!! The kids were having so much fun!

Go get it Layne!!!
Game over and time for high fives. High fives do not come naturally to four and five year olds. The coaches had to teach them! Precious.
And a cheer for a job well done!

Can't wait to see the next game!