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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jingle Bell Run/Walk 2010

Another frosty November morning and another Jingle Bell Run/Walk! We met at the usual place so we could drive down together. The church parking lot. I thought I would leave early because the Medical Lake gang always gets there before me. I thought...I will finally be there ahead of them I am 10 minutes early! AND I turned the corner and who did I see already in the parking lot! You guessed it! AHHH! Good thing it wasn't a contest! We drove downtown and bundled up to get ready for the walk!

Medical Lake School District's finest! What a group!
Off to the start line and it looks like someone is having a little too much fun and is very, very excited! Love the enthusiasm!
Just like last year! Many fun costumes! We were a little disappointed that the turkey baster didn't show up this year.
This poor dog was shivering. It was cold outside! I don't know if this doggie was scared because of all the people or freezing cold.
Waiting to start the Jingle Bell run/walk.

When you get your shirts you also get bells for your shoes or where ever! Here they are just in case you didn't know what they looked like! :-) We are running with bells on!
Always a favorite at the start of the race. Mrs. Claus with her hubby Santa Claus! I should have stopped and told them what I wanted for Christmas! Darn, a lost opportunity!
We saw too girls that went to Hallett a few years ago. We knew it was them because they had their last name on their shirts!
A big crowd came out to brave the weather and so they could have some fun!
These people were all ahead of us! I am glad they were because it made a good picture.
Our turn to cross the bridge and we were told to be careful it was icy. Yep! It was and you can see the little doggie's paw prints in the frost. No shoes. Must have been cold!
Beautiful view of the clock tower and the park!
Don't you just love Spokane! It is so beautiful! There isn't a better place to live!

Ah, the finish line. We made it again! Another finish line crossed and another t-shirt in the drawer.

We even saw costumes on our way to Starbucks. Yes, we went to Starbucks again!
After the walk or run depending what you did! Everyone was all smiles!

Don't miss Teri back in the back of this picture. You can barely see her head peeking over Deanna and Cheryl.
Cheryl was able to grab Santa for a picture! He is also in the back so don't miss him. He is the one with the fuzzy white beard!
Ahhhh! Nice treat...Starbucks! I suppose it is a tradition to go to Starbucks after our race adventures. Next year we will have to talk the rest of the gang into joining us!
HMMMM! What should we have?
So cute! Her hat matches her bike helmet. Very colorful!
Oh my gosh! Teri was telling a story about going off the back of the treadmill. Too funny! She is very animated don't you think!
We weren't the only ones at Starbucks. These trees were there too. These girls made their hats! Cool!
Another fun time with friends. Great to see everyone and glad we were all together in the beginning to take a picture by the Christmas tree! I feel blessed to work with so many happy, wonderful people. To God be the glory!
The END!

Layne and Lucy June 2010

I spent part of Veteran's Day with these precious ones! Layne looks so grown up doesn't she!!!Lucy is intently watching her sister create!
Until she decides to start climbing which she does a lot! Look at that "I am up to something" smile!
A little Cheetos snack for the dog!
Love these two girls!!!!