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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Ten Moments of the Decade NFL Style

Click here for the top 10 plays of the decade in the NFL!

Steve Gleason is in there! Watch for him and that blocked punt!

Jesus' Birthday 2009

Another Christmas. They seem to come so fast. This one was different without my mom! I know she is rejoicing in heaven but we all miss her here on Earth!

The day started as usual but way later than it used to with small children in the household! Stocking are always first on the list in our home. We take turns opening everything so we can see the goodies! We also like to be able to thank Santa. After the stockings yummy cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for a quick breakfast so the fun can continue!
Katie, Mike and I opened presents together before the rest of the family came in the afternoon. Some of the gifts included a boning knife for Mike, I got a new watch and Katie got a gift certificates and necessities for the home. Katie actually got her Christmas present early. A laptop!
Mike was happy about this gift.
We got the house ready for the rest of the family and Katie and I were getting way too hot. I guess we were working too hard or it could have been the hot buttered rums, not sure. We decided to sit on the porch to cool off. We took a series of silly pictures and this is the only one I can bear to post. We laughed a lot. It was so good to have Katie home. She always perks things up around here.
AHHH! Then the rest of the family showed up. At least the ones that were in town. We missed Michel, Steve, Kath, Kyle and Finn. Someday we all need to spend Christmas together.
Ryland arrived asleep so he went straight to the bedroom to finish his napping. Keri and Easton had big smiles for the camera!
Easton got to open a present early so he could have something to play with! He ate it!
Easton was intrigued with this music box. I have almost the same picture of Layne playing with this. It is a toddler favorite because everything moves inside of it as it plays music.
Life is good. When I see this big smile it reminds to stayed excited about the simple things in life!
The Lathrop family arrived a bit later. The cousins we excited to see each other for sure! Lucy and Justin!
Check out the difference in the index fingers here! It won't last long. Lucy will grow up fast so enjoy this dad!
Lucy and Easton!
Just chillin'
Layne and her spectacular Christmas dress. She was more dressed up than any of the adults.
We had hoped to eat and then open presents but dinner took longer than we thought to cook so we changed plans. Ryland was up from his nap so we decided to go for the presents.
I am sure you could guess who gave Ry this Rams shirt. He was excited about it and the Broncos shirt that was in the same box. His dad, Mark, said I did good on all the presents except this one. :-)
Then Layne took off and opened another. We try to open one at a time so that each present can be appreciated and enjoyed. It is hard with little ones but we did pretty good.
Ryland got a headlamp from the Lathrops! The two older kids went into the bedroom and turned off all the lights and wore their headlamps!
Easton and Lucy are the most peaceful, sweet spirited babies. They just took it all in with smiles!
The big kids even got in action! Kristin, Justin, and family are going to Hawaii so luggage seemed appropriate. I might sneak in that luggage!
Mark was thrilled with his GU Hat! Go Zags! I got a big hug right after this but the way!
Mark said Easton was crying because he was a Seahawks fan not a Bronco fan. New duds for the move to Denver and I think Easton was tired and hungry and he loves his new Bronco attire! :-)
The kitchen is always an adventure on the holidays. My girls love their Mexican food and I cook it for them. Mike and the rest of the gang can't even imagine Christmas with only Mexican food so Mike cooks the more traditional meal! It is all great fun and over the years we have perfected the kitchen routine. We started our meal with a prayer and thanked God for sending His Son to save us and for how we are so blessed!
So what was on the menu? Prime Rib, twice baked potatoes, ceasar salad, enchiladas, and spanish rice! Not to mention pie for dessert! I dug out the punch bowl too. Thought Layne and Ryland might like some holiday punch. Sprite and cranberry juice. The punch wasn't the big draw to the punch bowl. It was the tiny little cups. Layne and Ryland loved the cups. They called them tea cups. They wanted their punch in the "tea cups". The punch bowl will be a tradition now.
Chef M. Gleason
Chef J.Gleason
Now it is time to settle in with jammies and a good movie. These two are watching a Christmas movie.
Keri and Lucy!
Just hanging out!
Layne wanted to make sure I got a picture of the monkeys!
Kristin, Lucy, Layne, and me!
Mike, Ryland and Layne.
We had hoped for a picture of the 4 grandkids together but between napping and opening presents and eating it didn't happen. We got a lot of nice pictures of the evening. This is the first time that we have celebrated Christmas with little ones. What a joy!!! I am proud of their parents! They love them and take time with them and teach them what Christmas really is! As I look back on these pictures I get a little teary. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. How about next year if we get the Gleason boys and their families in the pictures!!!!!

Twas the Day Before Christmas

Look who I found on Christmas Eve Day! Santa! Nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule to pose for a picture with me! Mike and I got up at 4 AM on Thursday morning. We were headed out to the Sprague rest stop to put in a 6 hour shift. The Christian Motorcyclists were manning the booth for 4 days. When we got there we were greeted my Zach and Rusty who were getting things ready for us.
We had coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and cookies to give to the travelers. We had stuffed animals and hats for the children. Zach is modeling one of the hats. Doesn't fit him does it!
We had to test all the drinks to make sure we created them just right for the people traveling to see family for Christmas! I think we might have tested a cookie or two just to make sure they were yummy!

Mike and I had a fun time talking to the travelers. We asked where they were headed and where they came from. We even met some neighbors of Kristin and Justin! The kids were thrilled to get the stuffed animals! The Monroe family had the shift after ours! Here they are anxious to get started!
We had fun and what a great ministry! We felt privileged to be able to participate. Merry Christmas travelers!