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Sunday, March 11, 2012

St Paddy's Five Miler 2012

Thought I better have Mike take a before picture of me since I was headed out to do 5 miles in the rain.  Oh, I so much wanted to find a reason to stay in my warm house but I knew if got out and did the St. Paddy's Five Miler in the rain I would feel like I really accomplished something.  
 And boy was there rain.
When we all got to the event we didn't get out of our cars.  We text back and forth and shouted through the open windows. It was windy so if you were lucky enough to be by an open window you got to experience the rain before the run started.  Not sure Deanna's dog can keep up with her. His legs are a bit short.
The dog got to stay in the car and apparently he or she (not sure which) got to share Deanna's coffee drink she left in the car.
We are still in the car taking pictures of each other and staying dry.  Is there anyway to take a short cut in this run???  That came up as the wind was blowing the rain into the car.
 Hi Lesley!  She was in her car too.
We finally decided we had to get out because the race was going to start.  I think at this point there was still talk about 5 miles being a long way in the cold and rain.  Short cut anyone? Love the Team Gleason support!
 Look who we ran into.  Jay and Trisha!  Love the bow tie Jay!
The race director was pretty much yelling at everyone to get in line.  3 minutes until race time whether you are ready or not.  We were all trying to avoid the wet.  Not sure why because we would be wet soon.  Deanna got her race number at the last minute!  The timing chips were on the race number.  I would have given her mine.  I could have had a PR if is she raced with my number.  :-)
Lesley and Freida must have forgotten about the weather because they look excited to start! Love the hat Freida!
Well, we didn't take a short cut and we finished the St. Paddy's Five cold and wet but it was great fun!
 Our traditional coffee stop afterwards.  Boy the warm drink tasted good.
I should never talk when someone is taking a picture.  I have the weirdest faces when I do that.
How many of you have a sample of your counter top with you right now???  Deanna did.  Just happened to be carrying it.  I like it!  Your counters will be wonderful Deanna!
AND my not so secret wish came true.  I never thought it would.  I didn't want green shirts.  It is a St. Paddy's run!  They always have green shirts and they have been ugly actually.  I like these.  Who would have thought! I was taking a little rest I guess during this picture.  Eyes closed.  Must have been tired!
So it begins!  Another fun season with friends working out, training, and trying to stay in shape!  Here we go ladies!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Loving my Friends

What a great group of friends I have in the Medical Lake School District!  We didn't get everyone that bought a shirt in the picture.  Some shirts were purchased by staff at other schools.  I will post pictures if they send them to me.  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Mike and I are so grateful for your support!  Love you!  Jackie