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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chelanman Triathlon June 17, 2011

Last year the Try a Tri and this year the Sprint Triathlon. We pulled into Chelan to meet the gang for lunch on Saturday and were greeted by a cloudy day and even some rain. I think the rain would have been OK with us for our race on Sunday as long as the lake was calm and didn't have ocean like waves like it did last year. Tradition? I think so. Tin Lilly was our lunch spot again this year. Yummy food!

Mark sat on Sheila's 5 dollar sunglasses so she bought some new ones for 50 dollars. Bet Mark will check where he sits from now on! :-) You look stunning in those new shades Sheila!
The lunch bunch!

After lunch packet pick up! Instructions, shirt, timing chips, numbers. Last year this was a big event because it was the first try at a triathlon. This year...still a big event.
Emily and Trisha and the shirts!
Now racking the bike time! If you had an 800 number you had no place to rack your bike. That is why I am standing wondering what is going on. The correction was made quickly and my bike had a home!
What makes this triathlon so fun is all the friends that do it together!

How many people does it take...we are checking the gears on my bike to make sure it was ready for the uphill climb that started the bike ride. Just a short little hill really but gearing is important.
Done! Bike in place!
I am not sure what we are looking at here. Pondering life? Watching someone in our group in the bike area?? We seem to be mesmerized by something.
Sheila is done racking her bike too!
And so are Emily and Rick!
Here are discussing our strategies for the big race and what we will do with our prize money. Or we could be deciding where to go to dinner.
Awesome friends! Mike isn't in the picture because he was the official photographer. He may have found a new calling! Thanks Mike!
The red buoy marks the end of the 1/2 mile swim!
Killing some time before the mandatory meeting for all triathletes. That is what we are...triathletes! You can tell just by looking right! :-)
A room with a view. This is our hotel. It is right at the site of the start and finish of the triathlon. Very convenient.
Another view from the room. Lake Chelan is absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear water surrounded by spectacular scenery.

The bike racks are filling up!
Off to dinner! The corners where you cross the busy street have flags for people to use so drivers will notice you crossing. Jay was the flagger!
Fine job getting the ladies across safely!
Dinner! Why or why do I always feel the need to eat whatever I feel like eating the night before a triathlon or any event like that. I know I will burn most of it off but being stuffed is not comfortable. Sheila and Mike lovin' life!
The gangs all here except for the official photographer!
Now the gangs all here.
I split that giant thing with Mike. See what I mean by eating so much. Although I do think I got the smaller half. Mike cut it so I should have picked which half I wanted. I guess Mike doesn't know that rule because he picked which half I got. :-) The smaller half was just fine because it wasn't small at all.
Reading the Good Book! The best book ever for sure. The Bible!
We woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful day. The water was smooth and ready for the swimmers. Whew! We were relieved. None of us wanted a repeat of the swim conditions last year.

The athletes are gathering and setting up the things they need for their transitions.

We are all ready to go. I so so so much wanted to have a decent swim this time. Emily is a star swimmer and she is ready to go. I am sure Trisha is giving her a fabulous pep talk!
In the water for some warm up for me.
I really like swimming a lot. I felt good about the swim to come because of the practicing swimming across Medical Lake we had done.
Sheila always rocks the swim!
The swimmer girls!
Wave number one. Emily is out there somewhere!

Sheila, Rick and I are in wave 3! We are waiting with smiles on our faces!
Wave 3. We are swimming right up in front I am sure! Can you see us!

Jay getting ready for his swim. He looks like he is still dry. Come on Jay jump in!
Emily is done swimming!
And getting ready for the bike!
Sheila is on her way too!
Rick is ready to ride!
Swim done for Jackie. I was very happy with my swim!

Transition time for me. Have you ever tried to get socks on your feet when your tootsies are wet? And to do it quickly??? Not an easy feat. haha. I know I should ditch the socks but not yet.
Exiting the transition area!

Off I go!
Wow! Impressive. This man pedals with his arms. He only has one leg! Amazing what people can accomplish!
We all made it through the swim. The conditions were so much better than last year. Smooth water! Not giant waves. The race director talked about canceling the swim or giving the athletes the choice of swimming if the conditions got like last years!

Jay in transition with some help from Trisha. Of course you can't really help physically but moral support is allowed!
Off Jay goes to speed through the bike course.
Rick is off to run! Done with the bike!
I am off to walk the 3.1 miles very quickly. I was wishing I was able to run when I started this portion. Maybe it is time for that new knee joint! Too scary!
Emily and Trisha competed as a team. Trisha is finishing up the run! Zoom!
Here comes Rick across the finish!
And Jay! Done!
Sheila is dashing to the end of the race. I know it is not a race!
Jackie is a happy camper. Chelanman number 2 completed.
We are still smiling afterwards. Good times with good friends!

The line up!
Does this picture look a little posed! We still look good though don't we?

Yippee! We did it! Just goes to show you that you don't have to be a spring chicken to do these triathlons! 10 years from now will we still be doing the Chelanman? Time will tell.
The youngsters do a Splash and Dash after all the big kids are finished.
Our official photographer took some parting shots of the lake!

I thank God for the great friends Mike and I have. We are blessed to have them in our lives. We train together, share life's events together, and laugh together. I am thankful and blessed that I have the ability to complete these triathlons too. Thank you Jesus it is all YOU!