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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dancing with Lucy

Lucy started dance lessons !  So darn cute these girls are.  They have a great teacher too.  They are learning all kinds of dance.  Ballet and Tap and more.
Stickers are always a high light for kids.  Dance and get stickers!
Larry left hand.  Rudy right hand. Colored stickers on their hands to tell them right from left!
Ballerinas have soft hands.  The teacher had a cup of water and put her hand in the water so the water dripped off her fingers.  Those are soft hands.  They girls got to dip their hands in the water too.  Great idea!
Streamers with soft hands.  So darn cute.

Walking around the room twirling their streamers.
Class is over.  Time for name cards to put their stickers on!
It was a treat to get to watch Lucy do this.  These little ones are gifts from God and so precious!

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