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Monday, October 8, 2012

Brekenridge,Colorado 2012

Beautiful, beautiful little town.  The ski lift comes right down into the town.  It was a wonderful trip.  Keri had a photo shoot here. 
The town dog.  Actually there were a lot of town dogs.
We stopped for a bagel and hot chocolate before Keri got to work.
Photographer Keri hard at work.  She was shooting yoga poses for a website.  She is retiring from photography for now and doing some substitute teaching.  She is great at both.

My brother Steve and wife Jackie made the drive from Glenwood Springs to meet Keri and I.  It was so good to see both of them.
We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Breckenridge.
More scenery with me included.
Switching gears.  Sunday night Keri had an indoor soccer game.  No subs for the game so the girls were exhausted.
United States flag and the Colorado flag!
Ryland and Easton practiced on the field with the girls before the game.
Lots of running and Keri's team was tired!
Two boys divided.  One is a Seahawks fan and one a Bronco fan!

Back at home Easton decided to use the cones from the obstacle course for a hat.  Ryland did too but his pictures were all blurry.
Monday morning and time to go home.  First Easton had to do his homework for school.  His homework was to gather as many different color leaves as possible.
AHHHHH.  Finally a sweet victory finally.  Pretty nice print Keri and Mark have on their wall.
I had a wonderful time in Colorado.  Thanks to the Doolittles for entertaining me.  Love you all!

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