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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crazy Mike and a Halloween Party

Never a dull moment at our house.  This was Mike's get up for the Halloween party our neighbors had.  I had to do make up for him!
Don't you love the pose!
Not nearly and interesting as Mike's costume.  Butch sort of!
Yes, he did.  He went to Safeway dressed like this.  He even got a whistle from a man.  As you can see the man behind him is getting a kick out of the outfit!
Mike was buying a cigar for a prop.  How does a cheerleader if that was what he was need a cigar.  Your guess is as good as mine!
The party!
Why do men always want to dress up like women?  Mike was the only one with fishnet nylons and heals.  Wayne wasn't a women.  He was Troy Paulumalu or however you spell his last name.  At least that is what I thought the costume was.
Mike had a thing about his legs. "Make sure you get my legs in the picture."
Tyler our next door neighbor!
Woohooo look at those legs.
Mario and Mike
Mike and Jackie a Cougar pair.
We even had the clergy at the party.
We had a great night.  Lots of fun for sure!  Thanks for inviting us Nola, Wayne, and Reid!  Great neighbors!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Pacer Deer Park 2012

Pumpkin Pacer again this year.  5k costume event!  It is always fun to check out the costumes and take pictures.  This one below is a little creepy actually.  Clever but creepy.  
This group wins the prize for the best posing every year!  John, Cheryl and group!
Sheila and I!  I can always count on Sheila to tough out the weather or whatever!  Thanks Sheila!
Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber...
I walked up to this group to ask if I could take their picture.  The teeth came out and Jen said I know you!!!  I didn't even recognize them.  Jennifer and my daughter went to school together.  They are still great friends. Good costume if I didn't recognize this family!
Another clever but a bit creepy costume.  They are really standing normally on their feet.  The costume makes it look like they are walking on their hands.

I have a new friend.  Dominic!  He was there when I picked up my packet and had my number out before I told him my name.  Wasn't sure how he knew who I was.  Turns out he and his brother are friends with Kyle and Steve.  His brother hung out with Mark, my son in law.  Did I get that right Dominic?  I could tell right off the bat that he was/is a very nice man!  Thanks for supporting Team Gleason Dominic and it was a pleasure to meet you!
Grandmas dress up too!
One mile down!
I just love this church!  So I snapped a picture.
Mile two down!
Love the pose!  Father ?
Almost done!
I usually walk between a 14 and 15 minute mile.  Sometimes even in the 13 minute mile area. Since my aneurysm I have lost some of that fast walking skill.  I was happy with this time because it is better than it has been.  I am coming back! I always ask if I won when I cross the finish line.  It's fun!  I get funny responses usually.  This year I thought there should be an aneurysm survivor category and then I could actually win!  I have already one for sure.  I am alive and well and I have survived cancer and the brain aneurysm.  I give the  glory to God and to the fabulous support I have from all!  
Now are official coffee stop after the race.  Not a race it is an event.  Love doing this.  Gives us time to talk about the event and life.

After the Pumpkin Pacer I went to Kristin's to visit.  I had to take Sammie for dog training not far from Kristin's so I hung out there and Mike brought Sammie to me.  Layne was Ranger of the Month at her school.  Great academics and citizenship.  Proud of you Layne.
Lucy with "pink" her blanket. She calls it pink.  Where is pink?
The girls surprised Grandpa Mike and got dressed up in their Halloween costumes.
Sammie was fascinated by the cats.  They were separated by the glass!

Kristin said I had to put this picture on the blog.  Yes, Sammie has a seat in the car.  If I leave her loose she wants to climb up on my shoulder and look out the window.  A bit distracting while driving! I have now become one of those people with a little dog that has a sweater and a car seat.

This is a little concert given by out granddaughters.  Love these precious little ones.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mike's and Kristin's Birthday 2012

Well, we pulled it off.  We surprised Mike for his 60th birthday.  Kristin's birthday was celebrated too.  Mike's birthday is on Halloween.  I told him that we were celebrating Kristin's birthday which was the next day.  We did celebrate her birthday and surprised him too.  We were a week and a half early for his birthday so he never suspected.  
 These were partners in crime.  They hid all the party things at their house and came over and helped me decorate!  Reid, Wayne, and Nola! Marianne helped with the decorating too.
 The neighbors came over to help celebrate.  Dave and Tom!
 Margaret and Dot.  Neither one of them wanted their picture taken but I got one.  Don't mess with me and my camera.
 Precious girls.  Keri and Lucy.  Both adorable and both loved!  Keri came from Colorado for a baby shower and the birthday party.
 An addition to the group.  Layne.  They are all so beautiful!
 Lucy with her Daddy!  Justin!  Justin was the lookout.  He watched for Mike's arrival.
 From the left Paul, Mark, Reid, Wayne.  You guys look pretty tough!
 Here he comes through the back door.  He had that look on his face for a while.  He was shocked.  I posted links below of videos Keri took of the reaction!
 Here comes that smile.  He loved it!
 Trying to get this group quiet so Mike didn't hear them was next to impossible.
 Nola had this tiara.  I didn't think Mike would wear it.  What was I thinking!  Of course he would wear it.
 Nola and Wayne
 More of princess Mike!
 Haha.  Kristin and Justin gave him the Old Fart ribbon (along with a beverage).
 Here are two old farts.  Mike W. was the one who distracted Mike.  He invited him to the Swinging Doors tavern!
 Paul and Mike W.
 Sheila, Mark, Justin, Dave and Deanna! So happy they came!
 Layne was not being very cooperative in the picture taking.
 This one is a little better but still...
 The birthday girl Kristin.  35 years old.  How did that happen?

 Grandpa Mike with the girls!
 I think Mike looks precious with his tiara and Sammie in his lap in her pink sweater!
 Silly daughters.  There was a comment about didn't we just do this for her?  So what daughters.  I like it when you are all with me!  Let me take the picture!

 This is what they call their sorority pose.  Cute!
It was a great night with lots of laughter and love.  Again I am so blessed.  Love you Mike, Happy Birthday! Don't forget to click the links below for video!

Mike Reaction to his surprise!
More Reaction
Happy Birthday Song